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Maurizio De Angelis is a scientific illustrator, 3D modeler, and concept artist who lives and works in London.

Maurizio has worked on a huge and diverse number of illustrations, drawings and digital projects for the Media and Publishing industry.
He is specialised in scientific and technical illustrations and his work has appeared in films, TV commercials, TV programmes, books, dictionaries and magazines.
Illustrations and 3D models are created using digital media and the final format is determined according to the client’s needs.

Pricing for his illustrations and 3D modelling work is determined for each project according to style, number and level of detail.

Alongside his career as a 3D modeler and illustrator, Maurizio is also a realist painter.
For the last 15 years since the start of his career he has focused on painting in oil on canvas, working on private commissions.
To see Maurizio’s paintings please visit the following website: